Two received awards at the VIP-evening

27. Jul 2022

Two received awards at the VIP-evening

Good traditions should be maintained!  And one of them is that managers, sponsors and invited guests meet for a special VIP-evening on Tuesday during the Dana Cup. Another tradition is that at the VIP-event awards are given to people who have made a special effort.

The first Dana Cup Honor Awards were presented in 2017, and this year two awards were presented.

One went to Birger Simonsen, who through his company ‘Dues Sportsrejser’ has sent thousands of Norwegian youth football players to the Dana Cup. Dues Sportsrejser and Dana Cup have had an unusually close and fruitful co-operation to the delight of both partners. Birger Simonsen has now sold his life’s work.

The other recipient was Nils Petter Aarrestad from Hinna Fotball in Norway. The evening’s toastmaster and member of Dana Cup’s board, Karsten Dissing, said that Nils Petter Aarrestad is of great importance to the development of Norwegian youth football and, of course, not least to Hinna. Moreover, he has been extremely faithful emphasized the importance of youth players experiencing the Dana Cup.


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