Dana Cup´s main partner Bambusa a sustainable product

06. Dec 2021
Bambusa Sokker

Dana Cup´s new partner, gives young players the opportunity to raise funds to participate in the tournament.


Now is the time for warm, comfortable socks and the Dana Cup has just made an agreement with Bambusa who can offer a fantastic natural product. Bambusa socks are made with 75% bamboo. Not only are the socks warm and good, they can assist participants in paying for their participation in the Dana Cup tournament.

The Norwegian brand Bambusa who are based in Stavanger, have assisted clubs in profiting more than 100 million kroner since 2017. Bambusa and Dana Cup have agreed to a long term partnership. Here in Hjørring, we have already tested the partnership with the Norwegian brand who also have an office in Vejle. Fortuna’s players have been selling Bambusa socks over a test period and have made a good profit for the club.

Bambusa will be a main partner in 2022 and not only with the Dana Cup but also with the thousands of young players who want to be present in Hjørring next July. Everyone will have the opportunity to sell the popular socks that have made Bambusa, Norways largest sock manufacturer. The company contributes to helping young children achieve their goals and dreams and that is why the Dana Cup is looking forward to the new partnership that has just kicked off.

Our new Norwegian partners have high expectations in regards to the Dana Cup 2022.

"The partnership with the Dana Cup is a natural development in the contribution Bambusa makes to Danish Sports Associations, says Håvard Gundersen."

The 47 year old founder of Bambusa continues:

"As a child I did not have the opportunity to visit the Dana Cup but now as I am becoming an old man, I will finally get the chance to visit Hjørring in July and I am really looking forward to it."

Bambusa´s Director in Vejle, Denmark - Maria Bertelsen adds:

"Together with Fortuna Hjørring, the clubs volunteers and other partners, we will give the thousands of young participants an amazing experience at the Dana Cup 2022, says Maria Bertelsen."

Fortuna is also looking forward to continue their partnership with Bambusa. It has already proven that a united sales effort by our volunteers of the Bambusa socks, gives a significant profit to the club, helping their economy that has been affected by COVID-19.

"We have a strong belief in our partnership with Bambusa, who have a wide and varied network that will also assist us in recruiting more teams to the Dana Cup, says Sponsor & Event Sales Manager Søren Ejstrup from the Dana Cup."

"Bambusa´s environmentally friendly socks are in line with Dana Cup´s company policy to focus on sustainability."

At the Dana Cup, there is no doubt about Bambusa's commitment towards the huge football tournament.

When the tournament kicks off in July, the Norwegians will be present as they will contribute with a number of entertaining activities and fun features during the week.


Photo: Håvard Gundersen CEO Bambusa

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