United Soccer Coaches Convention Recap

28. Jan 2022
United Soccer Coaches Convention 2023

United Soccer Coaches Convention Recap

Thanks for everything Kansas City!

We enjoyed our short stay at the United Soccer Coaches Convention in the USA last week.

Thanks to everyone involved at the convention for running a safe and positive show, we were inspired. Thanks to everyone who visited us at our booth, sharing their memories from previous Dana Cup experiences, to those who now wish to join us and see what all the hype is about. To our friends and partners from all around the world - thank you.

After discussions at the convention with one of our close partners, Loek van Zijl from Premier International Tours we are happy to confirm the participation of Dallas Texans Soccer Club at the Dana Cup 2022.

Dallas Texans Soccer Club has over 140 teams and more than 2.000 players and they are one of the top clubs in the USA. Coaching Director Hassan Nazari, former 1978 World Cup and 1976 Olympic player for Iran, will lead their 5 teams to Denmark.

They have participated in our tournament before and now we are honored to welcome them back again. 

So thanks Kansas and the United Soccer Coaches Convention, we will see you next year in Philadelphia!

Premier International Tours Loek van Zijl Photo: Premier International Tours - Loek van Zijl

SELECT Peter Knap

Photo: SELECT - Peter Knap and Bob Knudsen Andersen

VBR Star Soccer Danny Beamer

Photo: VBR Star Soccer - Danny Beamer and Alison Leigh Forman 

ASAL Pharouk Hussain

Photo: ASAL - Pharouk Hussain and Alison Leigh Forman


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