Finals B16: Pequeninos do Jockey vs Steinkjer FK

27. Jul 2013
Skills and commitment gave Pequeninos do Jockey the victory against Norwegian Steinkjer.

 Two Teams - Two Titles

 B16: Pequeninos do Jockey (BRA) - Steinkjer FK (NOR) 3 - 0 (2 - 0)

The last gold medals of the day are also on the way to Brazil. Likewise, Pequeninos do Jockey won the trophy in B16 with spirit and commitment – flavoured with great skills. Viewed in the light of these facts, the Brazilians deserved to win.

All the Brazilians played with a lot of energy and never felt stressed even though Steinkjer tried to pressure them during the entire match. Steinkejr's players ran and fought exemplary with an apparent unfailing source of energy, but skills and Brazilian commitment won.

And even though it looked rather simple at times, the players from the country that is famous for Samba dance had to fight hard in an entertaining final.

By the way, both clubs have previously tried to win B16. Pequeninos do Jockey won in 2004, and Steinkjer won last year.

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