G12 Finals 2014

25. Jul 2014

 Great Final

G12 Finale: Fortuna Hjørring (DEN) - Tiller IL (NOR) 3 -1 (1-1)

The rest of the teams, which have qualified for the finals at this year's Dana Cup by playing great football, have a lot to live up to. The first final of the year in class G12 between the host club Fortuna Hjørring and Norwegian Tiller IL was a great display of unyielding fight and, not least, fine technical details by both teams.

They had only played one minute when Fortuna Hjørring scored, but the joy only lasted one minute as Tillier equalised on a well-played attack.

Five minutes into the second half Fortuna went ahead on a free kick. And then they scored for a third time on a wonderful shot from the distance in stoppage time.

Fortuna deservedly won, but Tillier fought bravely. A real fight by two teams in G12. Well done!

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