Mexico and Costa Rica

08. Jan 2015
cruzazul mexico

Photo: Cruz Azul from Mexico City – founded in 1927 and have since won 8 championships, 3 cup titles and 6 times winner of the CONCACAF Champions League. The clubs 6 Champions League titles make them the most successfull club in international North American club football.

Dana Cup in Mexico and Costa Rica


Dana Cup 2015 must once again offer fantastic Latin American football. The tournament in Hjørring has a tradition of showcasing some very exciting teams from Mexico and other Central and South American nations. These nations excite both opponents and the many fans who gather on the side line to enjoy their special style of football.

Over the years the Dana Cup has welcomed a significant number of teams from Mexico and Costa Rica - two nations that are famous for a very entertaining and exotic style of play. These two nations will be receiving a visit in January to secure agreements of participation at the Dana Cup 2015 and in the years to come.

Dana Cup's agent in Mexico, Patricia Espinosa has organized visits to a number of clubs. 

- Between the 20th and the 25th of January, Patricia has organized visits with some of the top clubs in Mexico and the Mexican Football Association. At the same time, with assistance from the Danish Embassy in Mexico City, we have the opportunity to expand the knowledge of the Dana Cup in a large Mexican forum, says Dana Cup's Marketing Manager - Alison Leigh Forman who is finalizing the promotion tour together with the Dana Cup's Director - Jette Andersen.

- It is very important for us to keep this tradition of Latin American teams participating, as these teams offer the rest of our participating nations a huge football experience, says Jette Andersen.

The standard is high in both Mexico and Costa Rica.

The national women's teams from both nations have qualified for the FIFA Women's World Cup Canada 2015 and at the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil we saw some great performances from both Mexico and Costa Rica.

The Dana Cup promotion tour in Mexico will be located in the following cities: Mexico City, Queretaro and Guadalajara, while in Costa Rica you will find the Dana Cup in San José.

If there is any interest for further information about the promotion tour, please contact us at

chivas mexico

Photo: Club Deportivo Guadalajara "Chivas" from Guadalajara - founded in 1906 and have since won 11 championships. 

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