Dana Cup is in the genes

26. Jul 2022

Dana Cup is in the genes

Dana Cup is a part of Vidar’s DNA. And Vidar is a part of Dana Cup’s DNA. As the only club in the world, the Norwegian club from Stavanger has participated in the Dana Cup every single year since 1982 – that is, apart from 2020 and 2021 when it was not possible to hold the major soccer tournament due to Covid-19.

‘We are really happy to be back. Dana Cup is such a big part of our club and, all year, everybody looks forward to week 30, when we go to Denmark’, explains Gaute Meling, who is participating in his 22nd Dana Cup. He started as a player and now he is responsible for 17 teams with a total of 238 players.

In 2015, FK Vidar became a member of the exclusive Club 200, which includes a small handful of clubs that over the years have sent 200 teams or more to the Dana Cup.

FK Vidar has won the Dana Cup four times, and Gaute Meling believes that the club’s teams in B16 and B19 have good chances of reaching the finals.

‘Of course, we want to win football matches. There should be no doubt about that, but the social aspect is also very important to us. We have lived at the technical school all these years, and 238 players take up a lot of space.  Consequently, it is important to us that we can stay together in order to strengthen the social feeling,’ emphasises Gaute Meling, who is pleased that his 12-year-old son, Lucas, is participating in the Dana Cup for the first time.

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