Hard Work pays off

25. Jul 2022

Hard Work pays off

Over the years football teams from virtually all over the world have participated in the Dana Cup in Hjørring. Additionally, representatives of the tournament have diligently participated in soccer coaches conventions in the USA, for instance, and visited clubs in many countries.

‘We have build up a large international network, and we have taken advantage of that in the preparations for the tournament, which we are fortunately allowed to arrange. We have always been in close contact with the clubs in the network, and it has been hard work to attract as many as 830 teams to this year’s Dana Cup. However, now the hard work is paying off, and we are proud of the result’, stresses marketing director Alison Leigh Forman.

‘In our dialogue with the clubs, we have established that the clubs that have sent teams to Hjørring year after year have longed for the Dana Cup as much as we have. For example, 10 teams from Mexico have registered. Over the years, we have established close ties of friendship with many clubs in the country, including through our agent in Mexico Patricia Espinosa, and we know that they love the Dana Cup’, Alison Leigh Forman states.

‘Furthermore, we know that the clubs that are part of Club 100, because over the years they have sent 100 or more teams to the Dana Cup, have missed the trip to Hjørring. The Dana Cup is a strong part of their DNA, and they have really been looking forward to it. For instance, Vidar FC participates with 17 teams. Bjarg IL does as well, while Hinna Fotball has registered 13 teams’, Alison Leigh Forman says.



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